Disaster Recovery

Data safety is a core business concern for SMB’s to Enterprise. But being prepared to ensure that your business operates even during potentially catastrophic disasters requires more than simply implementing business cloud backup. While such services are certainly part of a healthy disaster recovery (DR) plan, there’s a lot more to be considered before you can call your organization safe, especially from an IT standpoint. A “disaster” refers to a complete halt of most or all of your systems simultaneously.

If someone asks what your organization would do if all of its systems went dark one fine day, and you can’t answer that question with confidence, then you’re setting yourself up for serious problems down the road—and that’s “when,” not “if.” Disaster hits everyone sooner or later. Fortunately, MBA-IT can use the cloud and the internet combined to make recovering from system disasters easier and more accessible than ever.

Key advantages

  • Retention capabilities

  • Secure invocation

  • Full site failover

  • High-sped recovery

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Key Use Cases

  • Small businesses

  • Branch office

  • Midsize enterprise

  • Large enterprise

  • Datacentre and high-end enterprise

  • High performance and scalable platforms

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