Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers critical benefits to business, including improved security and centralized desktop management, but the ability to securely access a remote Windows or Linux desktop isn’t enough in today’s organizations. The demands placed on IT require a more evolved approach. Organizations need to optimize user experiences to increase adoption and productivity, maximize capabilities by minimizing the number of consoles to manage, and ensure sensitive data stays safe — even in BYOD programs where employees access apps and data from personal devices.

The aim of VDI is to give employees the ability to work from anywhere while slashing information technology management costs because desktops and applications are centralized. VDI also aims to provide security, because data is not stored on the devices of end-users, instead being saved in a centralized data centre or cloud infrastructure.


  • Built for the Software-Defined Data Centre

  • A Single Digital Workspace

  • High-performance workstations

  • Smart Policies with Streamlined Access

  • Profile management

  • Streamline applications

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  • Deliver secure Linux/Microsoft VDI from any device

  • Centrally deliver graphics-intensive 3D apps

  • Protect your network from browser-based attacks

  • Deliver high definition user experience on any device

  • Reduce desktop operational budget and TCO

  • Accelerate Workspace mobility

  • Upgrade to Windows 10

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