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  • Curb Overspend

    Reduce downtime, increase productivity, and gain an accurate picture of your IT environment for better decision making.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Save time and reduce resources dedicated to managing your assets.

  • Reduce Risk

    Avoid financial risks and security threats, reduce theft and loss, instal updates, and ensure your assets are used appropriately.

Consumerisation of technology has resulted in a gap between our technology experiences at home and at work. It is vital to optimise employee productivity to meet your business goals and we believe it is essential to provide a rich, unified and consistent user experience to enable this. We can guide you through the process of making an innovative workplace that is more mobile, flexible and collaborative delivering great user experience in pursuit of productivity. Learn more about how MBA IT can help you develop a more agile workplace here. (Will break out into End User Computing, Connectivity, Mobility, Collaboration)


End User Computing

Getting the end user device right has a great ROI. The costs are low compared to the impact of lost staff time and resulting inefficiencies for your business, including support and management costs. Having a clear road map ensures you can spread the investment whilst keeping everyone happy and productive. And when it comes to rolling out new hardware and software on site, our team are here to make it all happen and to deal with each person’s individual issues and needs. It gives your staff the opportunity to focus on the key strategic IT issues of your business, rather than having to deal with all these details. If you would like to discuss where we can help with assessing and providing devices, managing roll-outs / lifecycle, Enterprise Application Management, BYOD or MDM strategy or just securing the workspace whilst enabling productivity, then CTA.

  • Connectivity

    Are we talking largely about wifi here (recycle / trim existing), or leased lines? (Business Internet, WAN/SD-WAN, 4G) MBA’s connectivity offerings facilitate secure, efficient, and reliable communication, connecting your organisation to the world. Whether connecting with offices, data centres, other end users, or the internet, we provide an expert end-to-end service that simplifies the implementation and management of a successful communication network.

  • Mobility

    Enterprise Mobility Management enables and secures users to work on personal or corporate mobile devices. Secure, enroll and integrate smartphones and tablets, maximising employee productivity and flexibility while protecting data and managing business risk.

  • Collaboration

    The concept of a traditional workspace has changed – employees are no longer confined to their desks, we enable organisations to keep up with work environments as they evolve, and without compromising productivity or security.

Investing in collaboration solutions that match the culture of your organisation is vital to the long-term viability of the solution. Empowering your staff with the flexibly needed to increase productively relies on the right collaboration technology coupled with an adaptable working culture. Starting at the design phase and supporting customers well into post-deployment phases, our Business and Solution Architects ensure that collaboration delivers real benefits to the business.

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