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The public cloud is helping businesses of all shapes and sizes respond to the needs of their customers. It used to take months to provision infrastructure; it is now taking minutes and couple that with a multi-cloud strategy favored by many organisations. It can only mean one thing; the complexity and attack surface your security team is required to secure is increasing exponentially.

Your public cloud provider will maintain responsibility for the security of their cloud infrastructure. However, you are responsible for securing the data, workloads, and other cloud assets within the infrastructure.

How do you maintain a consistent security posture across multiple public clouds, processes, and technology in line with your chosen security framework? MBA believes that minimising "point" security solutions, automating security everywhere, and employing tools that simplify the multi-cloud complexity by providing you with a single point of control is the way forward.


  • Consistent Security across your multi-cloud

  • Automate security everywhere

  • Minimise "Point" security solutions

  • Single point of control

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