Are Wi-Fi dead spots and security issues making you pull out your hair?

No signal, weak signal, intermittent signal - it happens to us all. It doesn’t have to be like this, but many Wi-Fi networks have grown organically and no overall optimisation plan has ever been put in place. Unauthorised access to your Wi-Fi networks also needs to be controlled at source to eliminate any security issues.
We have the independent resources needed to solve your Wi-Fi issues once and for all. Our site surveys map your Wi-Fi coverage and give us all the data needed to create a detailed optimisation plan to give you strong Wi-Fi signals throughout your facilities.
Our understanding of the Wi-Fi technology and supplier landscape means we can demonstrate the best equipment at your site and deliver pre-configured solutions to transform your Wi-Fi reliability.
We help you ensure that security policies are in place to protect your network and connected devices. As well as showing you how to check out who is using your Wi-Fi, for retailers we can also advise on using Wi-Fi to track your customers and to build up information about their shopping experience and behaviour.

"Our account manager demonstrates a genuine interest in our organisational challenges and proposes sound and valuable solutions for us to consider in bringing our IT operations to the next level."

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Why use our service?

  • Wireless site surveys to identify dead zones and provide a Wi-Fi optimisation plan
  • Delivering powerful solutions from some of the world’s largest Wi-Fi manufacturers
  • Providing expert advice and support when designing Wi-Fi solutions for new offices

Why choose MBA IT?

  • Breaking the mould, we deliver a truly independent view of the Wi-Fi landscape
  • Rapid Wi-Fi surveys backed up by demonstrations of the leading technologies available
  • Find out who is using your Wi-Fi and how to use it for visitor intelligence and tracking

How can we help you with your Wi-Fi needs?