Want to break out of the battle with
server and storage capacity,
performance and reliability?

Servers and storage systems are the lifeblood of modern business, but taking care of them can be a daunting, and often expensive task.
We take the cost and hassle out of your IT infrastructure, offering a wide range of options including in-house solutions based on the latest server and storage technology or cloud computing services that offload many aspects of your IT burden. Traditional “server + storage”, converged or hyper-converged technologies, we are here to offer the very best advice every step of the way.
Whatever option you choose, you can guarantee you'll save on cooling and power costs, and be able to redirect valuable IT resources away from day-to-day server and storage maintenance.

"We find MBA IT to be accountable, knowledgeable and very reliable, from technical know-how and proficiency through to the competent and friendly account management style."

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Why use our service?

  • We recommend better solutions, rather than just selling more of what you have used before
  • We always give a range of options and are unbiased in the recommendations we provide
  • Being obsessed with service, we do all the detailed checking to get it right first time

Why choose MBA IT?

  • Enjoy the optimum solutions to match your current and future data requirements
  • Take advantage of our optional services like pre-delivery configuration and soak testing
  • We are flexible, agile and really care about the technology we recommend and deliver

How can we help you with your server and storage needs?