Are you prepared for a major
hardware failure, a cyber attack or
those dropped coffee mugs?

If work is worth producing, it’s worth backing up.
IT makes up the cogs of the modern business machine, but between viruses and cybercrime, there's a lot of room for the cogs to go wrong.
We can put strong barriers between you and those ugly sides of IT, from enterprise-grade antivirus solutions, to complete firewall and data protection packages. We also offer penetration testing and consultancy to help you plug gaps in your network and firewalls that cybercriminals love to exploit.

Why use our service?

  • Cost-effective full data protection for a predictable monthly cost
  • Scalable back up solutions as your business data grows without the need for buying additional hardware
  • A business continuity plan achieving compliance with regulatory requirements and data protection regulations

Why choose MBA IT?

  • Sound experience with an array of clients requiring top-end security for their businesses
  • Innovative back up and disaster solutions in the age of virtualisation
  • Leading network, end user & server protection services deployed successfully with hundreds of companies

"MBA evaluated a wide range of options for us, provided a short list of recommended solutions and worked with us to reach a final decision on vendor selection. The team provided great value, negotiated highly competitive pricing and provided the skilled resources to implement the solution."

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