a. 80-100%
b. 60-79%
c. 40-59%
d. 20-39%
e. 0-19%

a. We have effective Continuous Data Protection
b. Up to 20mins
c. Up to 4hrs
d. Up to 12hrs
e. Over 24hrs

a. Less than 20mins
b. Less than 4hrs
c. Less than 12hrs
d. Less than 24hrs
e. More than 24hrs


a. 1 week
b. 1 month
c. 6 months
d. 12 months
e. We have not tested the strategy

a. Not satisfied
b. Somewhat satisfied
c. Very satisfied
d. Extremely satisfied

a. Veritas
b. Commvault
c. Arcserve
d. Veeam
e. SAN-based Snapshot/Replication
f. Other: please specify

a. Not likely
b. Somewhat likely
c. Very likely
d. Highly likely
e. Already using

a. A requirement to recover from a backup
b. A failed backup
c. A failed recovery
d. Overtime paid/received for recovering system
e. A support call made/ticket raised to the provider of your backup solution