The range of IT sourcing, supply and support services we deliver makes us the ideal value added reseller for any business
We know we do it better.


Our procurement and logistics experts get you the kit you need, when you need it and make sure the whole process is silky smooth.


Ours is right next door to our central London office - this means your items get to you much faster and much more securely than if they came from darkest nowhere.


Getting your hardware to the right locations can be a pain - we deal with all the admin and we even send people to site to address any issues, so you don’t have to.


Most IT resellers can’t make large scale changes to dozens of workstations, laptops or servers - we can. It helps stop your IT people breaking out in tears.


In the past, have you just turned up at work one day only to find a bunch of boxes at your door? We don’t operate like that - we set everything up and talk you through how to get the most out of the shiny new stuff that’s just arrived.

IT Project Management

Some IT procurement projects are simple - you want some laptops you buy some laptops. Others are not so straightforward so we are here to help get these projects managed properly, all neat and tidy.


Our team is hand-picked to help you get the most out of your IT. Whether you need to get your equipment working better, or simply get it working in the first place - our support team is ready to help.


The clue is in the name, if it needs fixing, we will come along and fix it - using a fully accredited long-term partner we can repair or replace any type of hardware, anywhere in the UK.


We can help you plug any knowledge gaps - our experts can offer advice and appropriate solutions to support any aspect of your IT strategy.


If you’d like to turn big upfront investments into predictable monthly payments - we can deal with all the details, and you can enjoy your new tech at a more manageable cost.

Looking for more?

Of course there is more we can provide.

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