Would you like your staff to be doing something more useful than deploying desktops?

If your staff have better tech at home than the one they have at work, they could well be thinking of moving elsewhere. At the very least, they will be frustrated by some IT limitations preventing them from working as effectively as possible.
Getting desktops right has a great ROI. We all know that. The costs are low compared to the impact of lost staff time and resulting inefficiencies for your business. Having a clear road map ensures you can spread the investment whilst keeping everyone happy.
And when it comes to rolling out new hardware and software on site, our team are here to make it all happen and to deal with each person’s individual issues and needs. It gives your staff the opportunity to focus on the key strategic IT issues of your business, rather than having to deal with all these details.

"MBA IT ensure we always make intelligent technology selection decisions and leave me free to concentrate on the areas where I bring most value to our business."

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Why use our service?

  • Comprehensive lifecycle service covers roll-out scheduling, training, testing and installation
  • Desktop provisioning including proactive road mapping and lifecycle management
  • On-site MBA engineers to support desktop deployment, troubleshooting and recycling

Why choose MBA IT?

  • Redeploy your staff to business critical tasks to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • We work with multiple vendors to ensure best pricing and faster project execution
  • Services include pre-delivery testing, warehousing, multi-site roll-outs and asset tagging

How can we help you with all your desktop needs?