Lemonade and Hand Grenades

Posted on Apr 19, 2018

Good afternoon all! I hope you’re all enjoying the fine weather we’re having and not stressing about your work too much…

After over a decade of working with SMBs and Enterprise, it no longer surprises me when MBA IT onboard a new customer, look at entitlement information from a vendor and uncover disjointed, ad-hoc purchasing practises in relation to technologies that are clearly strategic cornerstones of infrastructure.

Whether its a Microsoft License Statement (MLS) or VMware Install Base Report (IBR) that our team are looking at (+ countless other vendors), they all seem to feature data that reveals completely avoidable scenarios:

  • Unsupported licensing that we subsequently uncover is in-use in a Production environment.
  • Licensing that would carry a reinstatement penalty to bring back into support.
  • Rogue purchasing/Duplicated purchase.
  • Purchasing that did not take advantage of Group-level frameworks/volume discounts.
  • Renewal dates spread throughout the year (or over multiple years), necessitating extraneous administrative workload and complexity.
  • Obvious compliance issues.

This is simple stuff, and it is also something you shouldn’t have to worry about. However, it is likely that your incumbent reseller is guilty of at least one of the above crimes.

Have you ever had a reseller suggest that an early upgrade of Server/Storage architecture might deliver full ROI within a couple of years based on License savings alone having gone through your entitlement data with a trained eye, and having asked some pertinent questions surrounding your physical environment? (and that’s before we’ve even looked at performance uplift, reduction in physical footprint, power and cooling, trade-in/disposal etc.)

MBA call our umbrella-view analytics-based approach a ‘Scenario Analysis’ and combined with our insistence at understanding the whole of your datacentre and endpoint architecture (whether it seems immediately relevant or not) gives you the assurance that the little things are covered, whilst giving you insights into a bigger picture you perhaps didn’t even consider.

Whether you’re a techie who needs help justifying infrastructure refresh, a Finance or Purchasing contact with a multi-year view and an open mind…questioning amortisation of investment or the optimisation/consolidation of purchasing frameworks; or perhaps a Compliance lead who suspects there might be a problem - MBA are here to help.

Let MBA be a “2nd set of eyes” at your next renewal. Give us the opportunity to put your existing practices to the test by requesting reports from your key vendors and gathering the information we need to help. Email presales@mba-it.com or give your Account Manager a call today.

We win customers because we do these things better than our competition, and we do them routinely. If we don’t uncover anything, then there’s no need to engage further…

Experience tells me the conversation won’t end there.