July 12, 2016

MBA IT becomes an AWS Consulting Partner and AWS Channel Reseller

MBA IT has joined a truly exclusive club, attaining both AWS Consulting Partner and AWS Channel Reseller status (a recognition of our in-house Pre-Sales, Architecting and Migration competency). We are the first London-based reseller not ‘born in the cloud’ to have attained this status, and we are very proud of having had the strategic vision to add such an exciting vendor to our portfolio.

Why Amazon?

Cloud IaaS is no longer taboo, it is a $20billion market that is growing exponentially with almost half of that revenue related to infrastructure built in Amazon’s data centers. Gartner report that AWS is 10 times larger than the other 14 competitors measured in their IaaS Magic Quadrant COMBINED! (a list that includes industry heavyweights such as Microsoft Azure, Google, Rackspace and VMware), with the ecosystem surrounding the AWS Platform experiencing growth that outpaces even the infrastructure underpinning it. We truly live in transformative times.

The majority of UK Resellers have either heavily aligned themselves to Azure as a natural extension of their existing Microsoft revenues, or look to traditional 3rd Party Hosting provider’s infrastructure in this space. The commercial and technological benefits of the AWS platform are often never considered, despite their leading position in the IaaS marketplace.

AWS is unbelievably now in its 10th year (so nearly as old as MBA!)

In many cases, implementations also look drastically more commercially attractive on the Amazon Platform vs. the competition, with a much greater flexibility of billing.

Why such growth?

Put simply, we have as an industry reached the tipping point at which the benefits of Public Cloud (namely flexibility, agility and commercials) outweigh the perceived blockers to such a shift in thinking/strategy. We have noticed a trend where the questions being asked by our customers have shifted from “Why?”, to a far more assumptive “How?”. MBA It is here to answer your Cloud questions, whatever the stage of your Cloud journey.

Why MBA?

MBA has taken a more agnostic approach to IaaS. We are Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partners and are absolutely capable of servicing Azure requirements, we also have strategic relationships with a selection of Hosting providers; but we could not with a clear conscience ignore the ‘800lb Gorilla in the room’ that is AWS. Our Team will be happy to work to ascertain which Platform is right for your particular workload/strategy and talk in more detail about the differences between the options.

MBA is skilled in Architecting on AWS whether you are looking for infrastructure related to Test & Dev/Staging, Backup/Archiving, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity or Production workload. We are always available for a scoping conversation.

With AWS, MBA gives you greater control and visibility over your billing cycles and are in a position to extend flexible credit terms to you in most circumstances (so no need for Credit Card billing!). You will also have access to our accredited team of Salespeople/Architects.

Next Steps?

If you are an existing customer, please feel free to contact your MBA Account Manager. For new enquiries, please contact softwareteam@mba-it.com in the first instance.

MBA IT becomes an AWS Consulting Partner and AWS Channel Reseller

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