Infrastructure As A Service

You need infrastructure, but you don’t want to look after it. MBA-IT have you covered! The Cloud has revolutionised the way organisations source and consume IT. More than that, it has changed the viability of on-premise infrastructure altogether.

As mobility, collaboration and user-centric processes become the standard, IT has become business-critical and leads organisation instead of organisations leading IT. To this effect; Infrastructure-as-a-Service can enable organisations to remove the need to procure, configure, manage and support infrastructure entirely.

Modern organisations rely almost exclusively on their IT and communications infrastructure to maintain business-as-usual. IT is expected to deliver process efficiencies, along with improvements in customer service, workforce productivity and business continuity.

Our customers have their own unique combination of requirements and business objectives. However, two principles remain constant; the desire to access a flexible, scalable infrastructure and the ability to control the costs and management of complex business-critical systems.

Key advantages

  • Leverage best-in-class hardware and software

  • Alleviate CapEx IT expenditure

  • Improve business continuity and resilience

  • Eliminate the costs of Server management and maintenance

  • Reduce Opex through server consolidation

  • Protect your business-critical data and applications with state-of-the-art physical and virtual security

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Key Use Cases

  • Small businesses

  • Branch office

  • Midsize enterprise

  • Large enterprise

  • Datacentre and high-end enterprise

  • High performance and scalable platforms

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