Many organizations choose to implement Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) during a server refresh or when they need to make a significant investment in storage. Others move to HCI to meet the needs of a particular use case. Whatever your goals, HCI powered by SDS (Software-defined storage) can help you reach them faster.

The fast pace of the digital business encouraged organisations around the world to embrace compute virtualization, which has transformed the data centre over the past decade. However, that transformation isn’t complete. The only way to get ahead, reduce TCO, operational cost and improve efficiency.

Thanks to its economical, building-block approach, organizations across industries are adopting HCI as a fundamental part of their journey toward the SDDC and a true hybrid cloud. That’s why so many organizations are turning to MBA-IT for a tailored cost-effective approach to hyper-converged infrastructure. Business demands are altering. The pace of technology is increasing. The ability to deliver applications faster while building a hybrid cloud strategy is now, a must-have for modern enterprise businesses looking to stay competitive and current while meeting customer needs.

Hybrid Cloud is where MBA see our customer’s future roadmap. MBA can advise on the right options to drive business growth and carefully manage TCO.


  • Provides a configurable scale-out infrastructure that lets you evolve towards truly SDDC at your own pace.

  • Delivers storage on-demand
    without overprovisioning.

  • Hyperconverged is a
    highly flexible solution.

  • Scales flexibility to
    non-disruptively add resources.

  • It unifies teams that use a
    common operational model.

  • It offers day-zero support
    for new technology.

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  • Business-Critical
    Applications (BCAs)

  • Cloud-Native Applications and Containers

  • Business-Critical
    Applications (BCAs)

  • DR Sites/Secondary
    Data Centre

  • Test/Dev/Staging

  • Database

  • Management Clusters

  • Edge

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