GDPR Webinar: the countdown to compliance has begun

Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

You know GDPR is coming. Do you know how to handle it? Would you avoid the €20M fine?
Cybercrowd’s qualified, experienced GDPR practitioners, in partnership with MBA IT, dispel the confusion. We offer knowledge and insight no matter where you are on the journey to compliance.

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In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

Detailed GDPR introduction:

Differences between GDPR and the Data Protection Act 1998. GDPR replaces DPA 1998 with a single and harmonized law across the 28 member states.

Post-Brexit compliance for the UK and who does GDPR apply to.

National Supervisory Authorities: NSA in the UK is ICO (Information Commission’s Office), and is connected to all other EU member states’ supervisory authorities.

Penalties: the penalty is designed to be proportionate, effective and dissuasive.

Key definitions:

Definitions of Data Controller, Processor, Data Subject and Personal Data. Also what actions are categorised as “data processing”.

Detailed discussion of the 6 core principles of GDPR:

The core principles demonstrate that instead of a pass/fail compliance regulation, GDPR is all about demonstrating compliance, hence your company’s accountability. GDPR is a business issue, not just limited to IT.

Data Subject’s new rights:

Right to be forgotten, Request for data access and Restricting data processing, ect. With these rights, GDPR shifts the balance of the power from data controller to data subject.

Obligations on controllers and processors:

The necessity of DPIA (Data Privacy Impact Assessment), Data protection by design and by default, Breach notification and DPO (Data Protection Officer) appointments, and more.

Practical steps to become compliant:

Companies should take a risk-based approach. Starting from understanding personal data you hold, you should document your processing activities, apply technical and organisational measures, and secure third-party data processor relations.

How MBA IT and Cybercrowd help you to take your next steps to compliance:

GDPR readiness check-up service: Cybercrowd experts conduct workshops and in-depth interviews with your stakeholders to brief them on GDPR and gather information. As a second step, the experts review your documents and analyse the information gathered, to produce a detailed report and guidance on next steps to compliance.

GDPR consultancy services: Where you require a more in-depth engagement, Cybercrowd consultants will work closely with your team to prepare for GDPR and manage your ongoing obligations.

For more details about the services, view the GDPR Readiness Services Brochure or contact us via email:, phone: 020 3815 6680