Cloud Security and Compliance Webinar

22nd November | 11-12 am – in partnership with Blue Coat


Cloud adoption has created new security and compliance issues. Enterprises are struggling to understand the data security and compliance impact of aggressive employee and organisational adoption of cloud applications, while simultaneously trying to determine how to maintain data security and compliance with new data residency laws as their infrastructure moves to the cloud. This is where a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) comes into play.

Startup CASB vendors can provide visibility into cloud application risk, largely based on proxy logs. However, these vendors lack any control point for web and cloud traffic to implement policy control to mitigate the risk of shadow cloud. Moreover, they lack advanced threat protection, which can protect from threats that may come from cloud application usage. Lastly, as these vendors require integration with an existing proxy to function, it makes sense that Blue Coat is a natural fit to perform these services natively instead.

We hosted this webinar to advise businesses about compliance, and to support their efforts against cybercrime with the most innovative technology available.

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