Asset Management

Keeping control on hardware/software is challenging for IT managers: IT assets are assigned, reassigned, and moved from one location to another depending on business requirements. Statics show in businesses IT assets, 30% is missing and can’t be found and 53% of all data loss and systems downtime is caused by hardware failure.

Knowing what assets you have and where they are at all times, tracking contracts and regulatory compliance, and gaining visibility into the cost of ownership is just the beginning of your asset management challenge. With MBA & Ivanti® Asset Manager, you gain all the management support you need. Get a comprehensive view of your managed assets across your entire environment at any lifecycle status.

Key advantages

  • Lifecycle tracking

  • Asset repository

  • Product catalogue

  • Cost and contract visibility

  • Powerful asset data importing capabilities

  • Vendor management

  • Integrate with service management

  • Cloud-based

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Key Use Cases

  • Small businesses

  • Branch office

  • Midsize enterprise

  • Large enterprise

  • Datacentre and high-end enterprise

  • High performance and scalable platforms

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